Case of the Month: April

Case of the Month: April

photos courtesy of Dr. Daniel Suver, MD, FACS

Bilateral Breast reconstruction after breast cancer

This woman was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent bilateral mastectomies as treatment.  She chose to proceed with breast reconstruction using implants, which in the United States is by far the most common way to proceed when no radiation is required.  Unfortunately, she initially lost her right tissue expander due to early infection, but this was replaced, and she proceeded smoothly to reconstruction with bilateral soft gel implants.  The nipple is reconstructed with small mounds of skin, and the tattooing is used to reconstruct the areola.  These are amongst some of our most grateful patients, as reconstruction often restores a sense of wholeness that can be lost after cancer and mastectomy.


Prior to mastectomy:


After placement of tissue expanders:


After exchange to gel implants, nipple reconstruction, and tattooing: