Case of the Month: April

Case of the Month: April

photos courtesy of Dr. Daniel Suver, MD, FACS

Breast Reduction

This mother developed large, heavy, pendulous breasts after having children.  She had constant neck and back pain which made it hard to bounce or jump, let alone run for fitness.  She underwent breast reduction, using a method to keep the nipple and areola connected to the remaining breast tissue.  Her nipple sensation is preserved.  At this 2 month followup appointment she reports a complete elimination of her neck and back pain, and she is excited to now be able to run again and exercise wearing a standard sports bra.  She is pleased with the new shape and volume of her breasts.  She says she couldn’t be happier.

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*Breast reductions can almost exclusively be performed via techniques designed to preserve blood supply and sensation to the nipple.  The ability to breastfeed is usually not affected.  “Free nipple grafts” which eliminate sensation and the ability to breastfeed are reserved for extreme cases and are rarely required.

A typical breast reduction will take about 2.5 hours to complete.  Patients often describe this procedure as life changing, as it opens up so much in the way of activity and is so successful at eliminating or reducing pain.  Postoperative outcomes are improved further by sessions of physical therapy to improve posture and for core training.  

The success rate in eliminating or decreasing back and neck pain is >95%, which is among the best success rates of *any* surgical procedure used to treat pain.

Please call for a consultation to discuss whether you may be a candidate.