Case of the Month: June

Case of the Month: June

photos courtesy of Dr. Daniel Suver, MD, FACS

Breast Lift (mastopexy), Flank Liposuction, and Abdominal Liposuction

This 30 year old woman was dissatisfied with the shape of her breasts after raising two children. Her breasts had maintained their volume, but dropped significantly since breastfeeding.  She also wanted to address some localized fat deposits of her lower abdomen and flanks (posterior sides). Despite being quite active, she had been unable rid herself of these problem areas.  She opted for breast lift and for liposuction to the trouble areas of the abdomen and flank.

These 6 month photos show stable and shapely results after breast lift and liposuction.  Her breast lift scars have faded, and the liposuction access points are completely hidden.  Changes in the abdomen are subtle given her trim build, but are most obviously seen in the area below the belly button and in her profile.  Slimming of the flanks are easily seen when viewed from behind.


IMG_5694   IMG_8523

IMG_5699-001   IMG_8525-001