Case of the Month: March

Case of the Month: March

photos courtesy of Dr. Daniel Suver, MD, FACS

Tummy Tuck + Breast Augmentation

This woman experienced many of the changes commonly seen after having children.  Her breasts deflated, and her tummy lost its prior shape.  She wanted her breasts to appear full again, similar to what she had while breastfeeding.  This was performed with gel submuscular breast augmentation.  Her tummy not only had extra stretched skin and rolls, but her abdominal muscles were also displaced (a rectus diastasis).  While the skin rolls contribute a small part, the diastasis is largely why her tummy is no longer flat and seems to sag out.  In abdominoplasty the extra skin and fat are removed and the muscles are brought back together.  Photos taken at two months.


IMG_5466  IMG_5470

IMG_7877  IMG_7879