Case of the Month: March

Case of the Month : March

Abdominoplasty / Breast Lift  (Mommy Makeover)

photos courtesy of Dr. Daniel Suver, Plastic Surgeons of Alaska

This 30 year old mother felt young, but had a body obviously weighed down by bearing two children.  She had severe wrinkling of the abdominal skin and displaced abdominal muscles that gave her a severe bulge of the tummy despite not being overweight.  She was satisfied with the volume of her breasts, but they had become saggy.

She underwent abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and breast lift (mastopexy).  As can be seen, this removed the excess lower abdominal skin and fat and tightened her abdominal muscles.  The restoration of her flat abdominal profile is seen best on lateral view.She desired a natural shape and lifting of the breasts without the addition of implants.  Scars are visible in these three month photos, but will continue to fade over the year.

IMG_5352 IMG_5354 IMG_5356

IMG_8435 IMG_8438 IMG_8439