Testimonial – Jacqueline B

I had a breast reduction with Dr. Suver, and my experience with him was very positive and I am super happy with my results!  He listened to my concerns and addressed each one of them from the first visit through recovery.  He explained the procedure clearly, and told me what to expect before, doing and after surgery.  The office staff are vey helpful and attentive as well, making this one of the » Read More

Testimonial – Kimberly M

A 5 star review for Lindsay! - "Lindsay is absolutely amazing!  Hands down will go back to her.  Extremely professional and friendly... - Kimberly M, via Google reviews » Read More

Testimonial – Kayleen J

Another 5-star review for Dr. Suver!  "Dr. Suver helped me finish the final steps in helping my body match the hard work I’d put in on loosing 109lbs! He gave me the body I’ve worked for AND my confidence!! I’d do this with him as my surgeon a million times over and wouldn’t change a thing about the process! Thank you Dr. Suver!!" - Kayleen J, via Google Reviews » Read More

Testimonial – Loni Q

A 5 star review for our nurse injector, Lindsay Benedict, RN!  "Lindsay is an upbeat, patient, informative, and precise professional injector.  Her excellent work paired with the helpful and friendly support staff made the experience delightful!" - Loni Q, via Google Reviews » Read More

Testimonial – Kristie L

A 5-star review for Dr. Suver! Worked with Dr Suver and he was amazing. Very professional and realistic, answered all my questions, was okay with my husband and mom asking questions too haha! Surgery went perfectly, results absolutely amazing. Got my life and confidence back thanks to him! Thank you! - Kristie L, via Google Reviews » Read More

Testimonial – Marcia E

A 5-star review for Dr. Cole! The staff are friendly, professional and compassionate. Dr. Cole is knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease. Highly recommend them! - Marcia E, via Google Reviews » Read More

Testimonial – Stephanie A

A 5-Star Review for Dr. Suver! Dr. Suver is an incredible surgeon. He has created something beautiful out of, what I thought, cancer took away! The precision and care has been phenomenal! His office staff is the best in the state! Thank Dr. Suver! - Stephanie A, via Google Reviews   » Read More

Testimonial – Tiffany Q

A 5-Star Review for Dr. Suver! Dr. Suver did an excellent job on my excess skin removal! Not only did he make me feel at ease about having surgery, he went above and beyond when I had an unforeseen complication while I was still in recovery. I would recommend him to anyone! His nursing staff are also amazing and caring with a very friendly office environment. - Tiffany Q, via Google Reviews » Read More

Testimonial – Yukon 2008

Dr. Cole is amazing! I had a breast augmentation about a year ago and I couldn’t be more happy with the way I look today, my breast look so natural, they feel great, they look great and I truly appreciated her honesty on what to expect before and after surgery, she never promised miracles and was straight forward. I wanted 450cc’s, but she recommended 500cc’s I was afraid they would look too big » Read More

Testimonial – SJ

A 5-Star Review for Dr. Cole I gained a lot of weight after I had my son and left the Army. Unfortunately for me, I gained all of my weight in my abdomen which left me with an apron. I was so ashamed of this and no matter how much weight I lost, the over hanging apron did not go away. I decided to have a tummy tuck in December and called the office to schedule a consultation. My consultation » Read More