Suver – Breast Reconstruction

Bilateral breast reconstruction

This woman underwent prophylactic breast reconstruction with bilateral mastectomies and placement of gel implants.  She has great shape and is very pleased with her results.



Breast Reconstruction /   Implant Reconstruction

This woman was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent bilateral mastectomies as treatment.  She chose to proceed with breast reconstruction using implants, which in the United States is by far the most common way to proceed when no radiation is required.  Unfortunately, she initially lost her right tissue expander due to early infection, but this was replaced, and she proceeded smoothly to reconstruction with bilateral soft gel implants.  The nipple is reconstructed with small mounds of skin, and the tattooing is used to reconstruct the areola.  These are amongst some of our most grateful patients, as reconstruction often restores a sense of wholeness that can be lost after cancer and mastectomy.

Prior to mastectomy:


After placement of tissue expanders:

After exchange to gel implants, nipple reconstruction, and tattooing:


Breast Reconstruction /   Implant Reconstruction

This 52 year old woman underwent mastectomies for breast cancer.  This is an example of a staged reconstruction, whereby we started with placement of tissue expanders, later exchanged for permanent silicone gel implasnts, and finally finished with nipple reconstruction and nipple/areolar tattooing.


DSIMG_5149  DSIMG_5150 DSIMG_5151

Breast Reconstruction / Nipple sparing mastectomy /  Implant Reconstruction

This young woman underwent bilateral nipple mastectomies.She experienced complications including implant infection, but was ultimately successfully reconstructed with silicone gel breast implants and alloderm.

pat16-2  pat16-4

Right lumpectomy and radiation causing pain and contraction of the breast.

Treated with breast lift and reduction for symmetry

This patient was treated with right lumpectomy (partial mastectomy) and radiation years ago for a localized breast cancer.  She experienced volume loss of the right breast, pain, and distortion.  She underwent bilateral breast lift/reduction for symmetry.  Although unexpected, this luckily also resulted in resolution of her right sided breast pain.



Right breast reconstruction after mastectomy and radiation using pedicled TRAM flap

This middle aged woman required full mastectomy and then left chest wall radiation to treat her breast cancer.  She required transfer of skin and fat to reconstruct her left breast; implant reconstruction was impossible.  Reconstruction was performed using a tissue from her abdomen (pedicled TRAM flap).  The flap was sculpted to better match the right side in a second procedure, and this was then followed by nipple reconstruction and tattooing.

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Breast Reconstruction / Unilateral Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator Flap (DIEP) and contralateral breast augmentation

This young women required a complete right sided mastectomy for treatment of breast cancer.  She was left with an indented and retracted right chest wall.  She underwent reconstruction using abdominal tissues.  Although it could have been made smaller at a second stage, she desired left breast augmentation for symmetry, and ultimately finished the process one year later with nipple reconstruction and tattooing.


DSIMG_5669 DSIMG_5670


Breast Reconstruction / Unilateral Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator Flap (DIEP) and contralateral breast augmentation

pat15-pic1          pat15-pic2

Before mastectomy.                                     After mastectomy and radiation

pat15-pic3           pat15-pic4

Unilateral reconstruction                               After revision and left augmentation


After temporary tattooing of nipple and areola.

Breast Reconstruction / Bilateral Deep Inferior Epigastric Artery Perforator Flap (DIEP) using Abdominal Tissue

pat10-pic2 pat10-pic5 pat10-pic8