Spotlight On: Breast Augmentation

photos courtesy of Dr. Daniel Suver, Plastic Surgeons of Alaska

Breast Augmentation


This young woman’s breasts deflated after breast feeding her child. She wanted to increase her volume for a more full and feminine look. I performed a breast augmentation using a 375ml gel implant that is placed under her pectoralis muscle.  She is delighted with her new look.





Breast Augmentation

This young woman was not satisfied with the size of her breasts. I performed a breast augmentation using gel implants to give her a full profile and a soft, natural feel. She is very pleased with her result.






Breast Augmentation

This woman was dissatisfied with her lack of breast volume after breast feeding three children. I performed a bilateral breast augmentation using gel implants to improve this. She is now very pleased with her fullness and contour.




Breast Augmentation

This young woman was unhappy with the lack of volume in her breasts. I performed a bilateral breast augmentation to increase their fullness. This surgery was performed using gel implants placed through a small incision in the fold under the breasts.


Breast Augmentation

This lovely woman desired fuller breasts.  I performed breast augmentation with gel implants.  These are modest implants in the low 300cc range, and they give her a wonderfully balanced, full, and proportionate bust.




Breast Augmentation

This 35 year old woman desired fuller, perky breasts after breastfeeding two children.  I performed breast augmentation with silicone gel implants placed under the pectoralis muscle.  The implants settle into appropriate position after several months giving this lovely result.



Breast Augmentation

This young woman had been dissatisfied for years with size and shape of her breasts.  She chose silicone implants placed in the submuscular position.  Scars are nearly invisible at the fold, and this access should not interfere with breastfeeding later in life.  She’s quite pleased with her new shape and profile!




Breast Augmentation

This young woman had small, A cup breasts, and desired a modest augmentation that would remain proportionate with her slim, athletic build.  She chose 300 cc saline implants placed under the pectoralis muscle.  This location gives her a natural upper slope to her breasts, and is also the safest location long term with regard to decreasing risk of capsular contracture.  She is excited with her new look!

DSIMG_2846  DSIMG_2850

DSIMG_5676  DSIMG_5679



Breast Augmentation

This young woman desired a dramatic increase in the size of her breasts, while yet retaining a natural look.  She chose 375ml saline implants.  We placed these in the submuscular position through a small incision under the fold of the breasts.  Scars are nearly invisible in this position, and have the benefit of not affecting nipple sensation or causing potential distortion to the nipple and areola.  Breastfeeding, should she choose to try later in life, will be safe and should still be possible.  She’s quite happy with her new look.






Breast Augmentation

This mother in her late 20’s was unhappy with the deflation she experienced after pregnancy and breastfeeding.  She desired a very full, but shapely, breast augmentation.  These are 5 month results.  She is ecstatic with her new look.



This 29 year old woman experienced drooping and deflation of her breasts after having two children.  She desired an improvement in her breast shape and an increase in volume.  She chose 325 gel implants and is very pleased with these 4 month results!

DSCN5076  DSCN5077

IMG_1192  IMG_1193


This 50 year old woman was not satisfied with the deflated appearance of her breasts.  She desired augmentation to restore her to a fuller and more youthful profile.  I placed submuscular implants through a small incision hidden in the breast fold.  As can be seen from her new tan lines, she has enjoyed the change and has taken the opportunity to catch some rays with her new body!


DSIMG_0125  DSIMG_0126


This 31 year old woman desired a fuller bust and to better fill out clothes.  She wanted a significant change, but not to look too over augmented.  We placed silicone implants under the muscle to fill her out and improve her shape.  She is pleased with the change–dramatic and attractive, but still in proportion with her body.

DSCN4814  IMG_0572


This young woman has a very common story — she is 33 years old, has nursed three children, and has experienced a significant loss of breast volume.  She would like an improvement in her shape, and fuller, more youthful breasts.  I performed a submuscular augmentation with 350ml silicone gel implants using an access incision under the fold of the breasts.  This approach provides the most reliable control of implant placement, and the submuscular position results in the lowest rate of capsular contracture.  She is very pleased with her new younger look!

DS3516    DS7592

This young woman has tight, compact breasts, with extremely high inframammary folds.  I performed dual plane, submuscular augmentation with silicone gel implants.  Submuscular positioning provides the increased coverage needed to avoid implant visibility, and in the long term leads to a more durable result with lower chance of capsular contracture.  These three month photos show the exceptional change possible with a same day procedure.

pat32-2    pat32-5