Spotlight On: Breast Lift and Reduction

photos courtesy of Dr. Daniel Suver, Plastic Surgeons of Alaska

This young woman has had deflationary changes of her breasts after multiple pregnancies.  She wanted her large breasts reduced in weight, and also lifted.  I performed a breast reduction and breast lift to restore her breasts to a more graceful, youthful position.  The nipples were kept connected to the breast tissue, which can allow nipple sensation and even breastfeeding.  The reduction in weight has led to resolution of her upper back and neck pain.  These six week results still demonstrate scars that will likely fade with time.  The breasts will also continue to soften in shape over the next several months, becoming more full through the inferior half as they settle.  This is a life changing procedure for many woman with upper neck and back pain due to their large breasts.


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