Spotlight On: Revision breast augmentation

photos courtesy of Daniel Suver, MD, FACS

Revision breast Augmentation

This woman underwent bilateral breast augmentation years ago with another surgeon.  Her implants dropped, and she came in looking for revision.  We fixed her problem by tightening the pockets around the implants to give her a rejuvenated and perkier appearance.







photos courtesy of Daniel Suver, MD, FACS

This young woman had a saline breast augmentation done elsewhere.  She had deflation of the left implant and malposition and contracture of the right.  Despite her natural scoliosis and low right shoulder, you can see that her right implant is still positioned much too high.

I revised her breast augmentation by creating new pockets for her new cohesive gel implants.  This has fixed her high right implant and brought her into better symmetry.


left deflation, high right implant:

pat25-pic1  pat25-pic2

after revision and implant exchange:

pat25-pic3  pat25-pic4