Testimonial – Juli W

I meet with Dr. Suver, MD and Kelsey in the fall of 2015. I was referred by my GP and Chiropractor for a breast reduction. At that time I was a 40K and not only was it difficult to locate “good” bra’s, I had been having back, neck and shoulder issues for years. Dr. Suver, MD was very professional, explained the procedure in full detail, complications (if any) and what as the patient would be expected of me to fully recover. Kelsey was amazing, her bubbly personality makes you feel at ease, even during the naked picture time.
Surgery was and the end of January 2016 at Providence. Dr. Suver, MD was once again very professional, but I did get him to giggle once or twice…when I was cracking jokes (I was very very nervous). Dr. Suver, MD once again explained the procedure to me, went through everything that was expected of me for the next 5 days, answered all my mothers questions and concerns. Next thing I remember is waking up groggy, fully bandaged and being discharged. Dr. Suver, MD called later that evening to see how I was doing and to inform me he had taken over 5lbs of breast tissue and though it took longer then expected, he believed I would be happy with the results.
March 22, 2016 I had my final follow up appointment and if I do say so myself, Dr. Suver, MD did and an AMAZING job. We believe my breast size now is a 40D, the back, next and shoulder pain were instantly gone and I am physically able to do more, from swimming to running.
I have already recommended Dr. Suver, MD to my sister-in-law and highly recommend him to anyone living in pain.

Juli W – via Google Reviews