Testimonial – Louise E

I would highly recommend Dr. Suver, for his caring, for listening to what I wanted, and his skill.  I had had a reduction mammoplasty/mammaplasty in 1972, but had gained weight and breast tissue.  I did lose weight gradually, but no breast tissue, before the surgery.

Dr. Suver was able to reduce the amount of tissue, lift my breasts, and eliminate over 90%, probably over 95% of the old scar tissue.  Nipple sensation was restored immediately after surgery on the right side, and it seems to be returning slowly to my left side.  The results far exceeded any expectation I might have had prior to surgery.  I think of it as a “miracle” although I know it isn’t, in the true sense of the word.

Dr. Suver, Kelsey, and the rest of the team were wonderful, as were the staff at Alaska Surgery Center.  Could not have asked for better.

Louise E – via email